Paintball Corporate Events / Group Packages

Corporate Paintball Package involves two or more teams being tested, both mentally and physically, in various scenarios with the goal for your team to emerge as winners at the end of game.The nature of the games requires your teams to be highly organised and can be combined with any of the other activities paintball has to offer. This ensures a full day of exciting corporate activities, all set in beautiful natural surroundings..

Our courses are designed to enhance group performance and highlight the fundamentals of good teamwork. A combination of physical, mental and logic-based challenges will test your team’s capabilities. Each activity will help to promote the following:

Team Work
Time management
Trust and honesty

BnB Paintball games can be tailored to suit your company’s individual requirements with our choice of game scenarios. These can be offered with corporate lunches if required.These exercises will expose valuable learning processes and provide positive, transferable solutions to the workplace.

All our activities are well designed to have a fun-filled paintball experience. A structured training methodology ensures on-going reviews, opportunities for group member feedback, and use of an interactive Self-Monitoring System. Our staff are experienced in applying focused training methods which encourage and inspire the players.

From college events to class reunions, birthday celebrations or just a fun-filled day out with some friends, at BnB paintball you're sure to have an unforgettable experience!BnB Paintball is the perfect choice for anyone looking for fun, exciting activities for groups of friends, colleagues or classmates.